Saturday, December 15, 2007


From Carly

It is no accident that my gift wrapped in shit is my passion.

Being a double Libran, my particular essence is my secret dream world of beauty. My passion is the cause of my suffering in man's materialistic and ideological world. But I don't shirk from suffering, indeed, my passion won't allow it. In fact, the very fact that I suffer for my passion is what gives it meaning. Suffering is the source of my strength, because suffering means I am true to my passion. The pain lets me know I am alive and free.

It is universal law that passion brings suffering. The essences of who we are determine our passions and vice versa.

Show me a man who will do things to avoid suffering, and I will show you a weak man. And the irony is, such a man brings suffering upon himself, because he lowers himself by not following his passion and thereby loses himself. He is instead, bound by suffering. He suffers meaninglessness.

Suffering builds men of character because it only bends them, until they can carry the burden of a great load. The story of Christ is the classic story of a man who has the strength of character to carry the burdens of the weak in the world. The weak man shrinks from character and choses to lose himself in evil, greed, materialism, and other idle pleasures of compensation.

However, it is of utmost importance of what strength is based upon. The truly strong man understands that softness and weakness will triumph over hardness and strongness. This is the universal law that there is strength in being weak. The truly strong man only appears to be weak. He knows how to suffer the failings of the weak and lessens their pain. He knows how to lead by serving.

I don't believe in accidents of fate. Cause and effect means that life unfolds like a fractal, growing into infinite variations of itself. There are no accidents. We make choices which shoot us off into wonderful worlds of living. The weak man avoids things and shoots his life off into his world. The man of passion makes choices that shoot his life off into his world. Therefore, every man is attached. He is a part of this cosmos whether he makes this choice or that. To think he can escape that tact is the greatest illusion of all. Either way, some suffering will occur. But suffering is just another wonderful part of life to accept and put to good use. For, in the hands of a master, nothing is useless.

Personally, I choose to suffer for my passion, beauty. And gladly so, if I must.

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PeterAtLarge said...

My thinking about suffering does differ somewhat from yours. While I agree with the principle that without suffering we would likely never learn, and that suffering gives strength to the character and the depth at which we live our life, I also believe that the search for happiness is a noble path--not in denial or repression of suffering, but in coming to understand its causes in ourselves and, through that understanding, finding a way to liberation from it.